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Advances in Prosthetic Design Come to Myrtle Beach

The world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of orthotic and prosthetic components, Ottobock, participated with Lyons Prosthetics & Orthotics in a one day patient demonstration and in-service for local physical therapists of their newest technology in above the knee prosthetics. Ottobock clinical staff and Alexander Lyons, CPO fitted transfemoral amputees with the company’s latest version of their patented microprocessor-controlled knee, the C-Leg. The Genium™ Bionic Prosthetic System was also presented.

Lyons Prosthesis C-Leg in Conway and Red Hill

Myrtle Beach Area Amputees Gain Mobility with Microprocessor-controlled Knee: C-Leg

The morning began with patient fittings and demonstrations of the C-Leg, leading into an informative afternoon providing local physical therapists with additional insight on how to adapt therapy for transfemoral amputees using this technology. It was extraordinary to witness patients’ confidence rise as they walked through inside and outside the practice at Lyons Prosthetics & Orthotics. Patient models quickly adapted to the knee and experienced a smoother, more natural movement to their gait. Of particular interest to the patients, as well as the staff attending, was that every patient felt more stable walking with this new knee.

Prosthetic Knees: Genium™ Bionic Prosthetic System

The newest addition to the bionic family of prosthetics knees is the Genium™ Bionic Prosthetic System. According to Ottobock, the Genium Knee is a new technology platform designed for transfemoral amputees who want the most function possible to respond to the physical and emotional demands of their daily lives. 

Lyons Prosthetics Genium knee prosthesis in Myrtle Beach

Genium™ is the most intuitive prosthetic knee available in SC

For the first time – without powered propulsion – prosthetic users can make quick changes in the cadence, take side-steps, go up stairs step-over-step, walk backwards, step smoothly over obstacles… and more. This prosthetic knee design provides patients with the most stable design possible, minimizing falls for patients of all activity levels.

Best Custom Orthotics and Advanced Prosthetic Service Provider in the Myrtle Beach metro area

We are the best Orthotic and Prosthetic Service provider in Myrtle Beach, its metropolitan area and beyond; our in-house fabrication facilities are second to none, and our specialists are committed to bringing you the latest in advanced orthotic and prosthetic technologies, and superior care. For information about Ottobocks’ Genium prosthetic knee technology or any other questions, please call Lyons Prosthetics and Orthotics at (843)-347-5800; serving Horry county’s Conway, Myrtle Beach, Loris, Red Hill, Murrells Inlet, Georgetown, North Myrtle Beach communities and beyond. Book a consultation today.

Common Questions:

What are the Top 10 Prosthetic Knee Types near Myrtle Beach

Prosthetic knees fall into two categories: mechanical or computerized. Mechanical types are further subdivided into single or multi axis, and polycentric versions; these also have individual function features. Advanced computerized knees can adjust automatically to different speeds, environments and situations. It is important to remember the type of prosthetic knee you will need will be determined by your unique situation, and level of injury. Call Lyons Orthotics & Prosthetics today to book a consultation, we are conveniently located near Myrtle Beach and surrounding Horry County communities, and will be happy to help you determine the best fit and prosthesis type for you.

Do prosthetic legs need to be replaced?

Prosthetic legs might need replacement every three to five years; at Lyons Orthotics & Prosthetics, our orthotist can help you determine if you need a full replacement, a new component, or a simple adjustment to your equipment.

Can you drive in the Myrtle Beach area with a prosthetic leg?

In general, amputees are able to drive a car again, and, depending on the type of limb loss, there are options available, such as: car modifications to the pedals, or via addition of hand controls. Additionally, we recommend calling your local Myrtle Beach DMV office, or your town’s location, to report your injury and to complete any steps required to continue to drive legally.

Can I customize a prosthetic leg with designs on it?

We offer custom designs for all your Orthotic and Prosthetics needs, our facilities are near Myrtle Beach and serve all of the surrounding South Carolina towns and cities. Call (843)-347-5800 today.