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Lyons Prosthetics & Orthotics brings the best in custom advanced prostheses and orthoses to the Myrtle Beach area and surrounding communities.

Our team is deeply committed to assisting you in reclaiming your independence and engaging in the activities that bring you joy. Our unwavering dedication and expertise drive us to offer advanced state-of-the-art orthotic and prosthetic technologies, specialized training, and exceptional care. Call (843) 347-5800 today to schedule an evaluation and discover the superior O&P care you’ve been looking for.

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Orthotic and Prosthetic Service and Supplies near Myrtle Beach

Lyons Orthotics & Prosthetics serves the Grand Strand area and is proud to provide the best in advanced and custom orthotic and prosthetic care in and near the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area; our patients are both local and from the surrounding communities in Horry and Georgetown counties.

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At Lyons Prosthetics & Orthotics, we make use of advanced cutting-edge prosthetic technology and equipment to craft personalized prostheses that cater to your unique lifestyle. Myrtle Beach amputees love our in-house laboratory, as we can swiftly develop a new custom prosthesis or carry out repairs on an existing one with ease.

  • Prosthesis design
  • Prosthesis fabrication
  • Prosthesis maintenance and repairs
  • Prosthetic supplies


We specialize in creating custom bracing and support solutions that enhance your mobility, alleviate your pain, and improve your overall quality of life. Through our customized fitting process, we ensure that our braces provide optimal comfort and freedom of movement. We have helped many Myrtle Beach area patients, call today.

We offer Biomechanical and Gait Assessments for Pediatrics (CP, Developmental Delay, Injuries, etc.) and Adults (Stroke, MS, other Neuromuscular Pathologies, etc.)

  • Orthosis design
  • Orthosis fabrication
  • Orthosis maintenance and repairs
  • Orthotic supplies
  • Spinal Bracing
  • Upper Extremity Bracing
  • Lower Extremity Bracing (legs, knees, AFO)
  • Scoliosis Bracing
  • Sports Bracing

And, essential supplies and equipment, such as Knee Braces and more. Let us design the custom orthotic system that will empower you to move and function at your very best. Call (843) 347-5800 today!

Custom Orthotic Devices near Myrtle Beach | Lyons O&P Care

Lyons Orthotic and Prosthetic custom in-house fabrication solutions

Our labs serve the Myrtle Beach and surrounding communities, and offer the orthosis solution you’ve been looking for: Prefabricated orthotics or Custom fabricated orthoses. We are without a doubt the best Prosthetic & Orthotic Supplier, and the best service, and repair provider in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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Prosthetic Leg Covers in Myrtle Beach, SC

Discover UNYQ prosthetic leg covers at Lyons Prosthetics and Orthotics in Myrtle Beach, SC. Our exceptional selection is suitable for both above and below knee prosthesis users, boasting advanced cutting-edge design and technology crafted from top-quality materials.

Reach out to our skilled prosthetists today at Lyons Prosthetics and Orthotics, and let us assist you in selecting a practical, functional, and visually stunning design. With our extensive experience working alongside UNYQ, we have empowered countless patients to express their distinctive personalities through their UNYQ prosthetic covers.

Express yourself with our affordable prosthetic limb and leg covers.

Our prosthetic limb covers help restore balance to the leg’s silhouette, while offering the opportunity for self-expression. Choose from a wide range of designs and colors, as our prosthetic device covers can be fully personalized to reflect your unique individuality.

Discover essential supplies and equipment, including prosthetic limb covers, braces, and more. Allow us to create a personalized prosthetic or orthotic system that will enhance your mobility and functionality to the fullest. Call (843) 347-5800 today!

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Prosthetic and Orthotic FAQs by Myrtle Beach Patients

Orthotic braces, also known as orthoses, are used to provide support to a weakened body part or joint, often after an injury or surgery, and can also address long-term or chronic conditions.

Orthotic braces are used to improve biomechanical function, promote proper joint alignment, and protect existing limbs.

An orthosis is named according to the body part it supports, such as a knee orthosis (KO) for the knee joint or an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) for the ankle and foot.

Orthoses are insoles that fit inside shoes and provide support or alignment, while braces are made of various materials and straps, and are worn to support the knee joint or other body parts.

Yes, an ankle brace is considered an orthotic device as it surrounds the ankle and part of the foot to provide support.

Medicare Part B covers 80% of the approved cost of custom-made or premade orthotic devices if they are deemed medically necessary under the durable medical equipment (DME) benefit.

If insurance covers orthotics, there is usually a waiting period before obtaining a new pair. Typically, coverage allows for one new pair per year, although the waiting period may vary.

Therapeutic orthotics can range from $3,500 to $5,000, while reconstruction orthotics can range from $6,000 to $7,000.

Custom orthotics are a worthwhile investment as they provide long-term benefits and savings. Non-custom orthotics may be cheaper but often lack reliability and quality, and they may not effectively address specific issues, leading to additional expenses in search of relief. Our Myrtle Beach orthotics staff can help you design your next advanced custom orthotic device, call today and save

Medicare covers replacement prosthetics every five years and also provides coverage for polishing and resurfacing services twice per year, aiming to support long-term care and device maintenance.

Modern prosthetic devices are made using advanced plastic and carbon fiber composites, resulting in lighter, stronger, and more realistic-looking limbs. Electronic technology enables users to have more control over their prosthetics.

For new amputees, a schedule is established with input from the patient, physical therapist, and prosthetist to gradually increase the duration of wearing the prosthesis throughout the day. This process typically takes several weeks.

A prosthetic leg cover is a fabric accessory that can be worn over a prosthesis to alter its appearance.

Prosthetic leg covers are typically made from foam material. This dense foam is designed to fit over the various components of your prosthesis, such as the pylon and socket. The exterior of the foam cover is shaped to resemble your other limb, and it is often covered with a stocking or sock for a finished look.

Salt water, or any large volumes of water for that matter, can shorten the life of your orthotic leg brace, these can also become water logged affecting the fit and support of your brace. Myrtle Beach has beautiful beaches, we recommend the use of waterproof orthotic and prosthetic devices, call our office and we’ll be happy to help you choose a corrosive resistant material today!

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